We were not meant to live shallow lives, pocked by meaningless routines and the l secondary satisfactions of happy hour.  We are the inheritors of an amazing lineage, rippling with memories of life lived intimately with bison and gazelle, raven and the night sky.  We are designed to encounter this life with amazement and wonder, not resignation and endurance.  This is at the very heart of our grief and sorrow.  The dream of full-throated lived, woven into our very being, has often been forgotten and neglected, replaced by a societal fiction of productivity and material gain.  No Wonder we seek distractions.  Every sorrow we carry extends from the absence of what we require to stay engaged in this “one wild and previous life.”  – Francis Weller

A true artist is not one who stays inspired, but one who inspires others.

— Salvadore Dali

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