My husband, bless his heart. I know he must love me as he indulges me in my spontaneous and crazy adventures, and usually those adventures involve some sort of picture I want to get, which usually involves some sort of road trip or long hike. On Friday I dropped on him that I was really itching to see Monument Valley and I also really wanted to take our sweet 5 year old Doberman on a road trip.  So two days later we were packing up the truck and heading out for a very long day trip!

14 hours in the car just to see this place (6 there, 6 back and 2 around the valley sightseeing);  It was so worth the drive.

Our sweet dog Molly hasn’t taken such a road trip and everything about the day yesterday was big and new for her, she did amazing! She only growled at one person, who quite frankly, probably needed to be growled at J  it took a bit of trickery to get her to more than an arm’s length from either of us to get her pictures. Most of the time outside of the truck she was leaning into one of us pretty hard.

This scene is probably the most recognized scene from this area, used in many movies and most famously, Forrest Gump. We had arrived in the valley and driven around a bit, taking the scenic dirt road and Greg decided he wanted to head north a bit.  On our way north we also decided we needed to be sure to see “Forrest Gump Road”.

So  Me: Hmmm, I better look this up on the map and be sure we don’t miss that.  Greg: yeah, driving… ho hum; Me: hmm, looks like there’s actually a road called “Gump Road” but hmmm, it should be right here, as I’m looking up in my rear view and simultaneously, Greg and I both are looking, hmm, isn’t that it… hahaha yes, we were on the road, the view was just behind us. J  duh. We had a good laugh at ourselves.

Its such a beautiful area, I certainly did not get to spend the kind of time I wanted here nor did I get to catch it in its best light or view points for this trip, but just to get to see this place and take it in was an awesome experience and our little adventures are always fun and just good for the soul.

We look forward to getting back over there next spring when Greg is healed and we can camp and hike and spend time capturing this place during all hours of the day and night!