This hike has to be one of the most rewarding and exciting “buckets of gold” at the end of the rainbow with some amazing thrilling views.

The trail from the trailhead is 4.2 miles and Climbs only 564 feet, so it’s an easy hike if you can do the distance. However, if you choose to attempt this hike in July, like we foolishly did, then it certainly isn’t exactly breezy! Be sure to pack along an appropriate amount of water too! To our credit the high was only supposed to be mid 80’s, which probably was closer to 90 and this trail has little to no shade, so walking in direct sun in Arizona is something you really need to account for! Lesson learned for us!

This hike is chock full of classic Sedona red rocks and amazing views.

We rewarded our hard work with pizza at Pago’s Pizza. We have eaten at this spot a number of times. They are a hit and miss kind of place, today it was a hit. 🙂