this was a big one for me.  I was super excited to work on this committee.  We had a tight budget for all staff for the firm (how many people?)

afer a brainstorming session we went with a “superhero” theme.  What fun!   NIndont mind givening credit where credit is due, it was an amazing them and it was mine :). But with such an easy theme and the great ideas I found on Pinterest we put on a great appreciation week, one that went down I the books.

For each day of the week we wanted to do something that acknowledged the staff.  With a tight budget I decided that I needed to come up with some good DIY projects for filler.

starting off the week, staff care in to goodies on their desk

Breakfast servedby partners who wore capes  and masks (homemade!)

friday: receptions/party,  I put together a homemade photo booth!n that was the funnest.  I painted a city and made ore capes, masks and handheld ca3rtoon signs, set up a backdrop and my own camera.  We posted the pics on on day for staff to grab and have/print.

at the end of the week, I received an email from the executive committee thanking me and congratulating me for the best staff appreciation week they could remember in a long time