Each year for about the last 5-6 years I have tried to do a calendar to give out as a Christmas/holiday gift to friends and family. The first few years were little digital illustrations I came up with but with each year the calendar has pushed me to actually learn how to draw and then paint.

My 2018 calendar is my favorite of all of them. It’s the project that catapulted my watercolor obsession. I did ultimately bite off more than I could chew with the idea that each calendar would be an original! I spent 6 months painting and had only about 15 original sets. My goal was 40. At the last minute I figured out that it was actually possible to scan in y favorites and put together a digital version too!

The theme was cactui, they made an easy subject to paint and most my friends and family are in Memphis and other southern states so the subject was well received. I also continue to use the artwork in various projects.

February was actually a hand carved rubber stamp that I designed, carved and applied watercolor to stamp. October was also my own design and hand carved stamp.

I love my happy accidents!