Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. Having tried a few different ones, mostly I think they are a rip-off, selling you items you may or may not use in a pretty package.

Art supply boxes get a lot of my attention for obvious reasons and I’ve tried a few. My favorite has been from The Stationary Selection. This subscription comes fromJapan and contains an amazing assortment of stationary found in various shops in Japan.

I started getting this box last fall. I should have been sharing these way before now, but nevertheless, here is the May unboxing….

I used a photo from pixelbunnie of the full contents, I forgot to take this shot myself…

During my visit to Japan, I could have spent several mortgage payments on art and stationary supplies easily! One of the things I had wanted to get while there was these personalized multi-color click pens, but for some reason just didn’t take the time to make color decisions! Lol. I kinda regretted not doing it, but guess what!?! I got one in this months box! And the colors were perfect. Black, meandering orange and one is a mechanical pencil! How about that? Lol (I’ll update and add a pic of the ink inserts inside the pen…)

I always love the different erasers! His moth has one that is inside a retractable little case with a cap and two refil erasers! That’s one of the things I love about this box, is when they have refillable items, they include refills for them!

Two other items, a pen case and a pocket sized ruler. The pen case is super slim as well as the little ruler.

Who doesn’t love washi?! There is almost always a roll of washi in this box. This month has little washi flake stickers and I’m sure there are different ones, mine were adorable.

Also included was a ‘To Do’ note pad by Midori. I was happy to get this, I’ve been wanting one for my daily notebooks for keeping lists. The new pen writes well on it too. I do need to work my penmanship. Lol

As always, looking forward to using my new supplies and next months box!