It had been a while since I got to do a baby shower, so I was excited when I was asked to do one for another co-worker (though this one actually paid y’all!)

The theme was also a absolute favorites of mine, saguaro! Though the baby’s room will be Llama and Saguaro, I was asked to stay with the Saguaro theme for this one.

Here are the images provided to me by the hostesses of what the baby nursery is being decorated with to give me a starting point in my design.

I am learning to use my iPad as a design tool and for sketching it my ideas. Sometimes I really love the little images I end up with and sometimes they really don’t convey exactly what I want. The sketches on the left could be usable images in future projects and makes cute little images that could work for this project. The ones on the right, aren’t as clean as I would have them for a fina but I still like the ideas and may use them as well.

I decided in,y mock ups that I really wanted he watercolor look for this project because of the vision I was getting from the prompts I was given. So I then took my layout ideas and painted up some cactus images for he various elements I would be needing.

I then an annex them into my computer and used photoshop to enhance the colors to true and isolate the various elements.

After isolating my hand painted elements I played around with the composition in the layout using InDesign for a final draft of the invitation.

I am super happy with how this invitation turned out. :). I’ll be working on some decorations for he shower this week so stay turned….