This months box is so full of awesomeness y’all!!!

My monthly stationery subscription box from The Stationery Selection is always a fun day if you’re a supply nerd like myself! ?. So, without further ado . . .

TA daaa…. the items in this month box are great for packing packages (and I have a few of my people I owe to some packages! Wink wink)

A spool of Avril Yarn is probably my favorite item from his months selection. The story of the yarn is born of a Japanese tradition I learned of when researching our trip to japan. I fail to find the proper specific term for it at this moment but the practice spans across many textiles. The essence of the practice is to not waste. Items that may be broken can be mended, items deemed unsuitable for their original purpose may be reused in another form. (broken bowls may be repaired in an artful manner and scrap textiles may be mended into new).

Whew. That was probably a lot just to tell you about this yarn! LOL The yarn is basically the discarded yarns considered unusable as produced for their original purpose. This yarn makes a great string for wrapping packages! I’ll update with a picture of it when I wrap my packages.

I really love this felt pen/marker !

A sheet of Stickers and TWO stamps plus an ink pad!

Here sheets scrapbook paper are awesome! One sheet is more like a textured fabric with an adhesive backing! The rest are nice and slick.

And I’m swooning over this grid tape!!

Next month I’ll provide more specifics on each product, I missed grabbing that info from the packaging this month! Sorry!!!