I think it’s always a good thing to break out of your comfort zones, push yourself, challenge your mind and your body. Of course, the last few years for us have challenged us in many ways for sure but in the more difficult, life throwing hardballs, kind of way.

This year, Greg kicked off his year in a kicking ass and taking names kind of way, loosing 35-40 pounds in 2 months. This weight loss resulted in amazing healing in his feet and hip which had been problematic ever since chemo treatments.

During our trip to Japan we did so much walking and Greg was so energized by his improved mobility that when we got home we made it a goal to go hike every weekend to keep moving and start seeing more of this beautiful state.

As you can see from my previous posts, we have done great at meeting that goal and in the words of Greg’s mom… “they’re hikers now”. LOL

As Greg was researching trails to explore and through the Arizona Hikers Facebook page, he discovered a few great websites that highlight some amazing hikes and host challenges throughout the year.

Over recent weeks we had been focusing on two challenges, the AZHikers Summer Hiking Challenge (which is a Facebook group) and the #Sixpackofpeaks Summer Challenge.

Yesterday we hiked the first of a personal challenge we have set for ourselves found on the list of lists for hiking at Peakbagger.com. The Arizona 20-20 Peaks Challenge consists of the 20 highest peaks in Arizona.

No pics to see here, just giving the deets on our goals and a lil background on how we for anyone who might even care. 👀🤣🤓🤓🍻🍻 cheers!