Mount Kendrick is located just north of Flagstaff and is listed #4 on the Top 20 Peaks Challenge, and #4 on the #sixpackofpeaks Challenge! We clocked in 9.37 miles and 2,549 feet in elevation, with top elevation of 10,422 feet.

We found the trail to be well maintained and not very heavily trafficked. There we no facilities at the trail head. No time is wasted, he climb kicks off right off the bat too!

This area was damaged by fire in 2000 and the new growth is starting to take off in many of the areas but still very evident even all these years later.

This is a picture that shows the baby trees starting to fill in the damaged areas.

This trail probably has the strongest showing of wildflowers that I’ve seen so far! These little wild roses have some mean little thorns!

This guy here… let me just tell you that if I ever feel like giving up (in life, not just on the trail) this guy is always there to cheer me on and push me to push myself. How can I not reach the finish line with him behind me cheering me on?! Ok… that’s all the sappy, y’all !

On each hike I find at least one new species of butterfly! They can be quite hard to catch, but I think I manage to capture at least one shot of each one I see ?

The atmosphere hiking through a previously burned forest trail can be quite eerie. In the below two pics, I actually did not put any filter on those. Not sure why they came out like this but it certainly conveys the mood.

This little cabin sits a short distance from the fire tower and you’ll actually arrive here before you reach the peak. We stopped here to check it out and photographed it on the way back down.

More giant dandelions and some absolutely amazing views.

These pink flowers are actually white when open and seems as though they were open in the morning and when we were making our way back I noticed they were closed up!

We had an amazing lunch on the patio at Diablo Burger in Flagstaff. This meal did not disappoint and I have leaned they are opening a location here in Phoenix and there is one in Tucson also! I had the burger ‘Traveling Wilbury’s with a a really good beer that I should have made note of, but didn’t. That burger was Devine. Greg had the house burger and a Pilsner and also very much enjoyed his meal.

Another top 20 in the books as well as another #sixpackofpeaks !