I’ve been kayaking for several years with regularity and due to Greg’s health, and a slight disinterest, he’s never gone with me . . .until today! (and he really enjoyed it!)

We went with my usual gang of thugs, meeting at water users at 6:30 am; after shuttling and prep we were on the river around 7:30. The earlier the better in my opinion on this river.

There were storm clouds around us mist of the day and we got a beautiful rainbow out of it.

There are always a few dozen vultures along the river.

The morning horse viewing is the best.

Lots of babies were out today.

Caught a sometimes elusive roadrunner today.

Not a lot to say about these trips, but I love sharing all the photos from my trips. Today was a great time with my Mr on the river with me and I look forward to more days like this !

By the way, we put in at Water Users and paddled 12.5 miles to the final take out for the Salt River, Granite Reef.