My 16 y/o niece is in from Memphis and she just had to get the river experience!

Taking newbies down the river is so much fun and I think this girl right here tackled it with zero fear !

We met up with the usual gang at the usual spot at about 6:15 am and were on the river by 7 for a beautiful start to our 12.5 mile trek to Granite Reef. Lauren got class A treatment from the gang, who spent the first 20 minutes on the river giving her thorough guidance on how to control her kayak and what to do if she tips. This time made all the difference and she paddled like a pro!

She literally rocked the day. Swinging from rope swings and rocking her boat!

I think seeing the wild horses is one of the greatest treats this river has to offer.

We were lucky enough to have one from our group posted up at the end of “pinball” to capture some great shots of us coming through the roughest water you’ll encounter on this lower section of the Salt River.

No big deal, just another beautiful day on the river. 😉