Today’s run on the Salt River was all about horses, more horses and even more horses!

We got an early start, getting on the river at Water Users around 7 am, I think, with the being is just another cookie cutter beautiful sunshiny day here in the Valley of the Sun, and we rode it out all the way to Granie Reef today! 12.5 miles.

We started seeing horses right off the first major turn, and what I didn’t realize when I was watching this guy below, is that he had a broken leg.

You can see him holding it up and as people pass he is making this face, showing his teeth but not making noise. A few from my group had noticed his leg and pulled off to the side, Deb sent pics and called the Salt River Wild Horse Advocates Group to alert them so they could come out and tend to him as needed. Poor guy :(. His band was behind him on the shore.

I love the little baby peaking out from behind ?

Such a treat to see these guys from such a perspective …

And thanks to my friend Angie, for once again posting up and catching some great shots of us coming down “pinball alley”. I love these summer days!