Today was just not my best day. Let’s face it, we all have them. I was exhausted, mentally and physically; we had to get up at 3 am to get an early start after an unexpectedly long day on the Verde yesterday. So, sorry for the vulgarity of my photo, it’s just how I felt. But I didn’t want to not hike today, I needed this! {spoiler: it ended, I survived, my blessed loving husband survived and, well, I need to manage my sleep better}.

Today was a very quiet hike. I wasn’t talking, just trying not to take my crappy bratty mood out on my best half who led the way and remained a positive energy despite my sour. I left the earbuds in the case and just enjoyed the sounds of birds and the occasional bushy tailed tree squirrel who has a hilarious little chatter.

It rained during the night here, everything was moist and dank, most of the trail was shaded and these conditions made it ripe from mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms.

Plenty of flowers decorated the path.

Butterflies danced on the thistle with a view of the mountain in the background.

There was a nice little mountain spring which made a beautiful place to take a break and cool off by.

A doe and her fawn were on the path 10 feet in front of us and I managed to catch this very quick Live Photo of them!! Look how tiny that fawn is!!

There were lots of baby lizards out too!

I managed to capture a few butterflies too! I’m pretty sure the yellow one is a new sighting for me!

Well, we made it to the top! There was a passing storm skirting the area and we only caught a few sprinkles with the thunder for sound effects. Our visibility at the top was basically zero with a few breaks in the clouds. We also got to sign he registry book. The weather was cool and breezy and felt amazing, but we couldn’t stay long due to the impending weather, luckily we never saw anything from it.

Saw a few other critters, that grub! And some black-chrome lady bugs or black beetles!?! And some snail eggs perhaps? Along with the mounds of lady bugs which we see at the top of almost every peak.

This hike was the longest distance, highest climb and look us the longest amount of time. 12 miles, 4,024 feet in elevation and it took us 8 hours to complete. We topped out around 9,500 feet in elevation and Mt. Wrightson is number 11 on the 20-20 Peaks challenge, making it number 7 of 20 completed for us!

We stopped for a much needed meal in Tucson, the Silver Saddle Steak House for prime rib! It was a delicious meal, good and quite fast for a steakhouse. I slept all the way home. Lol