Today, I had the day off and the Mr had to work, so I decided on the the Butterfly Wonderland and butterflies were amazing and plentiful!

My early arrival made for a wonderfully quite and peaceful start to what would be a 6 hour visit! This conservatory is one of the largest in the country and is attached to the Odysea in the Desert, under separate fees, of course. I stuck with the Conservatory today because I want to do Odysea with The Mr. He would enjoy the underwater, but not 6 hours of butterflies, LOL!

They make you sit through a 15 minute intro, which wasn’t exactly my d ‘ elight, but it was 3D and had some interesting interesting information about the Monarch. I was first one in and got to see the movie alone and got at least 15 minutes in the conservatory before anyone other than employees where in, that was nice! The crowds came in waves and was never unpleasantly crowded or loud. The movie obviously helps push people through in waves.

The first room is a hatching room where, if there early enough you can catch some emerging butterflies, since they hatch mostly in early morning.

I tried to capture as many variety as I could spot! Makes a great scavenger hunt! I will post a copy of the brochure that shows all the varieties they were hosting while I was there at the bottom.