This is a pinned post and I plan to post most recent palettes to the top of the post. I’m really only doing this for my own record keeping and occasionally there are peeps who feign interest:):)……

At almost one year, the kimono scarf I purchased at a little Kimono shop on the mall in Hiroshima on our trip there last April. I had a shopping budget and something to use in my watercolor kit (instead of paper towels). I found this perfect scarf and have been using it since. I love how the watercolors are putting my own touch to the line work of the original scarf. I haven’t washed it in a machine yet, but I’ve rinsed it out once really good. I may give it a good wash at the one year mark and may or may not retire it to save it as a beautiful souvenir.

I added a few more colored 1.24.20, so I also moved things around a bit. I’ve also added numbers to my swatches so I can clearly identify each pan color (sharpie on the underside of each pan the number so I don’t mix them up when I move them around. I’m thinking I need a really good red red. I’m having a hard time settling on what that value is to me, there are so many shades of Red. Lol

01.01.20 I added a second art tool kit pallet so I can carry more colors!

spring of 2019

06.03.19 is when I updated to the art-tool.kit