This was year number 2 camping at this the Burnt Coral Campground. It’s found about 5 miles north of Roosevelt Lake

The area is a bird watching paradise! These yellow Wilson’s Wdarblers were everywhere!

This guy posed for me nicely! I don’t know what kind it is yet, I’m working on that and will update!

This little desert lizard let me get pretty close before he took off.

Rabbits were also plentiful during our morning and evening walks.

Here’s a few pics of our campsite by the water and our site set-up.

There were tons of Cardinals too! Those suckers are fast too.

I got a new kayak the day we headed out and this lake is a fantastic lake to explore. Having a campsite right on the water also allowed me to do some sunset and moonlight floats right off the beach. I absolutely love being out on the water at twilight.

During the day we took n off-road drive up to the top of Four Peaks from the back side. Such beautiful views.

I saw this little chipmunk climb out on the ocotillo branch from my kayak. Lol

This spot is one of my favorite places to be on an early spring evening or morning. I would love to camp here every year.