A few things I love about living here in Phoenix…. the year round amazing weather and the canals! Today was such a beautiful warm sunny day, and knowing colder weather is coming I really wanted to be outside!

I decided to rent one of these rental scooters and see the sights from the Tempe Canal. I started at Tempe Marketplace and headed towards Tempe Town Lake.

I stopped for a break on the north side of the lake with the view of the KPMG buildings and sketched. I first sketched on my dotted paper, this is helping me with spacial layout so much!

Then I moved to my journal and did a light layout in pencil then painted watercolor! I’m really happy with this one!

I just love the views of the city you get from the canals! This route took me north of the lake and into Papago Park.

Heading north of Papago, stopping with this view to sketch, because, well…. that view!!

I skipped the dotted paper and went straight to journal here and love the result….

I then headed past Papago towards Old Town Scottsdale, taking me under a few roads! I love the tunels!

No pics of the view but I made this quick sketch of the canal and the hotels along it in Scottsdale…

This little confluence area of the canal is north of Scottsdale arond Thomas, it’s a really neat little area too.

I spent about 6 hours out on the scooter and just love strolling through the back ways of the city! I’m getting a bike for Christmas and look forward to exploring more canals soon!