This year I definitely learned from last year and used reproductions of my work instead of trying to have originals. I also decided to go with a “Best of” theme with eliminated re-creating the wheel so to speak.

Going through all of my work for 2018, I put together my favorite Sketchbook entries from 2018…….So, without further ado…

January was painted from a photo posted on the Arizona Highways Instagram page of a mountain scape seen in the McDowel Mountain range.

Desert sunsets and hummingbirds are two of my favorite things about Arizona ?

April and May were my two favorite florals from the year and June and July were pieces I painted while in Oregon in December.

August got the most adorable Llama which I originally painted as practice for one I painted on a coffee mug as a gift for. Co-worker.

September is a scene I painted one afternoon while out scooting around the canals in Tempe which depicts four peaks and red mountains ranges. October is is the haunted hotel in Jerome. November and December were two more pieces I painted during our trip to Oregon.

I am so happy with our this years calendar turned out. I love being able to see my progress with working with watercolors and sketching and sharing it with my friends and family!