Today we tackled the first of of the #sixpackofpeaks summer challenge! bear Mountain in Sedon is nothing to laugh at. It was tough. You’ll climb 1900 feet in the first 2.5 mile of the 5 mile in and out trail and total approximately 2051 feet in elevation in 4.92 total miles.

We started early, leaving Phoenix at 4:20 am and were on the trail by 7. The morning temperatures were nice and comfortable and stayed that way throughout this first hike of the day.

The wildflowers were really popping on the first .25 mile of the hike, I was certain to gather a small bouquet for later artwork on the way out 🙂

This is Bear Mountain from the false summit, we climbed to the top of the peak for the End mark.

The views were spectacular! The wildflowers really popped all the way up too.

I’ve certainly could have made better time but who can resist photographing these views ?!

Greg always manages to capture some shots of me!

The old trees on this trail were amazing I couldn’t resist a sappy hug.

After we finished we had some pizza and craft beer at Famous Pizza and Beer in Sedona. The pizza was pizza, the beer was draft and delicious and the meal made a great carb load for hike #2 for the day, Soldier’s Pass, Brin’s Mesa, Jordan and Cibola Loop.