We took on this challenge trail for the #arizonahikers summier hiking challenge after completing the Bear Mountain hike from the #sixpackofpeaks summer hiking challenge! That made completing his challenge exceptionally difficult for me.

We did not get on this trail until after lunch, around 1 pm and the temps were at 91 degrees so not only were my legs and feet already well worn from hike one for the day, the heat was another challenge for this hike. Luckily, there were good stretches of the trails that offered some random shade for a break from the sun. 9amf strangers with sunblock!)

This hike added 5.37 miles and 960 feet in elevation to our day! And the flowers on the prickly pear were inspirational for future watercolors!

The Century Plants were absolutely stunning today! The reds were literally on fire! For those that might not know, a Century Plant only grows and blooms that tall stalk once in a century and then they die!

We came across this beautiful path lined with tiny purple flowers!

This Collared Lizard was the highlight of this hike and he is probably what put a bit of pepp back in my step to get me through this hike. I absolutely love finding wildlife that I haven’t seen before and this Collared Lizard was a new one for me! He gave us a show too and ran right under our feet!

I LOVE the pattern a on his body!

Ore great views and antique trees.

The dirt on those ankles is well earned and a classic sign of red rock hiking. Completing this hike was the most emotionally and physically challenging hikes I’ve ever completed, even though on its own it would not be quite as difficult.

This also ticks off hike the second hike for us in the #arizonahiking summer hiking challenge! Spruce Mountain by Groom Creek Loop was the first one we completed from that challenge which we did last Sunday!