If I’m counting, this is sketchbook number 17, but who’s counting? Lol. Really though, the early half of those are more from my earlier graphic and web design notes and layouts more than sketches.

So, as I begin my newest journal, I realized I’m beginning to have a process/method for setting them up and wanted to memorialize my current process. Just before I was ready to set up a new sketchbook I also received a new little pocket watercolor pallet, which I wrote an entry on ________.

Also, previously I have been using the Moleskine Watercolor notebook, portrait 5×8. I’ve been happy with them. But truth be told, my fav watercolor paper is Arches, but they only come in pads. I have tried making my own homemade books, but I am more content with the bound book for some reason.

For this new sketchbook I decided to give the Global Art Materials Speedball HandBook a try. I have a larger 8×8 version which I keep on my studio desk and use for occasional play and experimenting. I’ve liked the heavier feel and I think this paper absorbs he watercolors nicely. We shall see!

On the inside cover I stamp my business card. I created a stamp that has all my deets which I use for my homemade business cards (blog coming soon).

For my first page, in the past I have been painting my current purse pallet right on the page. I’m finding I’ve been experimenting with my pallets so much they keep changing so this time I used a postcard and photo corners so I can change it out if my pallet changes. I’ll still keep my original ones in the book somewhere.

In the back cover, there’s usually an attached pocket, where I like to keep stickers, my business cards, any little ephemera or loose notes, pictures, etc.

Also, on the last page I put another postcard with photo corners. I started doing this with my last sketchbook and it proved to be very useful! For what, you ask? I used it for testing colors, strokes, etc for any sketch I might be working on. I can take it out and have it in hand while working on the page I’m working and return it later! If it gets full or lost, I can replace it.

Lastly, a shot of my current little purse kit. I carry a scarf I found in a kimono shop in Hiroshima that I can’t wait to see all colored up! The three main brushes I use or Escoda Reserva 1214 Watercolor & Acrylic Kolinsky-Tajmyr Sable Paint Brush Travel Round she sizes 2, 4 and 8. I carry the small collapsible puppy water dish I found on amazon for my water. I’ve tried carrying little pill bottles but I’ve been happier with this one.

I also carry a pencil bagwith a few tools that will vary depending on what I’m experimenting with. I got this one in Japan, but my previous similar one came from Target. The one from target was minus the little zipper pocket. I keep extra pencil lead and erasers in the pocket now.

Right now I have a small selection of micro liners ( which I’m not happy with and am researching), a white gel pen, a small ruler, some masking fluid, pocket scissors and a few fountain pens, my favorite mechanical pencil, a Pentel Brush pen and a white pastel pencil. Also I have a few different brushes I randomly like to use. One I got in japan, is a fabric brush, silk, specifically, but I like using it for certain effects. Two are for fine limes and details the other is a filbert brush I seem to like.

I recently reduced the items I was carrying to try to lighten my load, but what I carry varries. I also carry a few other brushes but they do vary.

Well that’s it. I’m working on posting some highlights from each of my sketchbooks, I’ll cover my review of this ArtMaterials sketchbook and I’m going to be exploring micro liners soon, so stay tuned!