My favorite artist teacher, Katherine Kurgan-Hoffmeyer — hosted a summer full of Adult Art camp classes at Arizona Art Supply this summer, 8 glorious weeks of art camp! I cleared the time off with my boss and signed up for every week!

We missed week two because the teacher got strep! 🙁

“Wild and Wacky Tools” officially kicked off Adult Art camp. Today was more about relaxing, playing with new ideas and thinking outside the box.

We had a great workspace set-up (as always) with acrylic and watercolor paints, string, ball chains, q-tips, baby wipes (Katherine’s favorite clean up tool!).

The first project was string art only using a ball chain instead of a string for some great effects!

Next up, Q-Tip trees! I really love Katherine’s technique for tree trunks!

I was fairly happy with how my cherry tree turned out 🤓 I really need to loosen up with my tree trunks!

Katherine Kurgan-Hoffmeyer ‘s work is below. Not my artwork. She demonstrated using cookie cutters for a fast way to get a consistent design.

Today’s class was a fun warmup and I am looking forward to the rest of the summer full of exploring and experimenting!!