I carry almost an entire art supply closet in my purse. ??. Ok, not really, but so,Erika’s it feels that way so I’m always looking for a new gadget to control the weight. I had been eyeballing these little tiny paint pallets for a while and this week I finally got myself one!

I admit I was a little giddy unboxing this little guy.

You can choose from a small selection of already filled pallets or go with an empty one and use your own paints. I decided to go with this color collection of Daniel Smith because it already had some of the colors I already have but some I wanted to give a try too. I also ordered a set of empty trays.

The bottom is magnetic so you can re-arrange to your hearts content!

This is the giant pallet I was carrying before!

Here I was playing around with how I wanted to arrange and which colors I wanted to use. I tried to pare down the number of colors I was carrying but I really just ended up filling it up within a few days. 🙂

*update after using for a few weeks, I’m Loving it! It wouldn’t be hard to get some dirty paints if you’re using larger brushes, but mostly I’m using less than an 8 round when out and about. That’s probably mostly a problem for the ocd’ers out there. :). I’m working on a sister post about my full kit. Stay tuned!