This one is in the works, stay tuned! also, i left my iphone behind and recorded this hike on a disposable FILM camera ya’ll ! LOL

The following pics were taken by the hubs. I finally dropped the film off on Labor Day (9/2) I finally got around to to dropping my film off at Walgreens LOL, and I got them back 5 days later on 9/7. My pictures start after my tree hugging picture. 🙂

We hiked 8.2 miles climbing 2,300 feet in elevation starting at around 8:30 am and getting off the trail around 1:00. We stopped for breakfast in Prescott Valley at Blue Hills Cafe. I wasn’t feeling very good at all Saturday and woke up he same, breakfast made all the difference and Blue Hills was a very yummy choice.

I ended up with about 53 prints in total. Now they don’t give you your negatives back!! Your images comes on a CD plus whatever prints. The quality of prints are ok. And wow, we sure didn’t have much quality from film did we?! The biggest thing I notice in the final product is how inability to control your focal point, with the disposable you don’t even know what will be in focus! ??. And a complete inability to take a macro shot. ??

In some of these pictures, I would probably never even post, I can’t even tell what I was trying to take a picture of!! But I decided to include them so you can see for yourself!! Lol

Let’s play a game…. kind of like Where’s Waldo? Only, in the following two pics you are Looking For The Lizard….

After the hike we did our usual lunch, today at Grand Canyon Brewery in Williams. I had the Falls Bacon Burger and their Prickley Pear Wheat and Greg had the Beer Brat with fries and the Sacred Saguaro Lager. I honestly was not wowed by my burger, it was basic. The bacon wasn’t great and maybe I’m not fond of a pretzel bun on a burger. My beer was delicious! I was not completely unhappy with my meal though, just not overly impressed and Greg enjoyed his meal just fine. I’m always pretending to be a food critic ??