Humphries Peak. As Greg put it, She is a Beast. The highest point in the state, 12th highest state point in the country. 11 miles and 3,300 feet of rocks and roots with the last mile to the top being basically a climb. A Beast.

Hiking Humphrey’s Peak during monsoon season means you need to pay attention to the weather, (any time of year really)

On some of the less accessible, areas considered to be “wilderness” where services help us harder to get, they ask you to sign in before heading out and sign back out on your return so they know if someone doesn’t come back to go looking! Kind of surreal and a bit scary every time we sign one of these books.

The feeling of accomplishment signing into the register at the top of a high point is exhilarating.

The decent on this hike was absolutely the hardest one yet. It was absolutely excruciating. I am definitely investing in some different shoes including some gel insoles ? but it wasn’t just the shoes, the trail is so covered in sharp rocks and roots which are torture on the feet!

Surprisingly, the altitude wasn’t really an issue for me, save for only a few short waves of slight nausea, I never had issues with breathing or light headedness.

I feel accomplished and dang, we just conquered the highest peak in Arizona! This completes 8 of the top 20, 3 of the, being in the top 4. As temps start to lower here in Arizona, we will be able to continue to push forward to the finish line. ?

Our after hike meal was a repeat spot,