I decided to break away from the Camping at Cave SPrings post and give Doe Mesa her own post, there were so many awsome photo opps here i didn’t want to skimp on showing off the views we got.

This hike consisted of only about 2 miles and 594 feet in elevation out and back with a side trip across the mesa for some beautiful views of Bell and Cathedral Rocks. This is an easy hike with big rewards! I wouldn’t hike it in hot weather though, there is no shade!

There isn’t a lot to say about this easy hike. It’s a short and uneventful hike with a lot of views. I’d say do this hike at sunset or sunrise for the prettiest light and just enjoy the views.

We will definitely do this hike again. Also, you use the same parking lot Bear Mountain, which was one of the hikes we did in June and you see from this trail.